Tuesday, July 10, 2012

50% off Sale on my art prints over at Etsy!

I'm having a 50% off Summer Sale on my art prints over at Etsy!
That's super cheap.
Check em out!

I made most of the new artwork from my album All at Sea available, and if you buy more than one, shipping is only 1.00
just use the coupon code "SUMMER" at the checkout then you're all set!
i dont like posting ad type stuff, but i have quite a few prints and i'm down-sizing to a smaller apartment by the end of the month so i figured i'd do a sale type deal. :)

EDIT!: tumblr auto-posted this before i had wanted. the prints are up now though!

Also please FOLLOW me on Tumblr for new work! I've stopped posting here on Blogspot so i can focus on one blog instead of two.